As Seen Around Fresno

A collection of things seen around my favorite city, Fres-yes in recent days:

Exhibit A:
In today's economy, don't they know that $675 is too much to pay for a meal out?
Exhibit B:
They didn't have shoes this cool when I was growing up. I want to buy these for Keegan, but they never have his size!Exhibit C:
Delicious NON-FAT (Did you see that Seinfeld episode?) Italian Fro-yo from Ce Fiore in Riverpark. I HIGHLY recommend it!Exhibit D:
Happy girls, strongly U.T.I.O.N.F.F.Y. (under the influence of non-fat frozen yogurt!)
Exhibit E:
The club, employed in a vehicle in front of my office, post 1996. I didn't know people still used these!

1 comment:

  1. I used to live in Fresno and just LOVE Toledos! I miss their oh-so yummy food.


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