AT&T Fail

I recently purchased a new cell phone from AT&T and it came with a $50 rebate offer. At the AT&T store, the guy literally filled everything out for me, printed the duplicate receipt and attached the serial number for me so all I had to do was pop it in the mail and buy a stamp. Cool. Can do.

So, I send off the rebate request a little over a month ago. It says "allow 6-8 weeks for processing, rebate will be given by $50 VISA gift card" in fine print. Dang. I hate those $50 VISA things when they come in place of a check because I would have loved to just put the money right back on MY Visa where I charged the dang $50 in the FIRST PLACE. Lame. But, $50 on a Visa can be used for groceries, then grocery money for Visa payment, whatever, it's all good.

So two weeks ago I get a "free text" from AT&T saying they received my request for rebate and will text me again once it has been processed. I have yet to receive a second text.

Now, I consider myself to be a reasonable person, who understands that all things require time, process and usually the become the work of several people/departments before they are completed. My guess is in this case, I mail it, it gets there, someone receives it, looks over the forms to be sure my purchase was legit and that my forms are complete. Then, they stamp it "approved" and pass it on to accounts payable. Accounts payable issues $50 gift card, gives to mail room. Mail room puts postage and mails. Sounds logical, and like a one week process to me. But, let's review what's really happened shall we?

March 2- Natali mails rebate form.
March 6- (I'm giving 5 days, probably way more than likely used) AT&T receives request.
NOTE: Address had specific rebate type mailing address (like AT&T Spring Samsung Promotional Rebate Program PO box blah blah blah) so there shouldn't be a long mail room sorting process, right?
March 7-22 it goes to someone's inbox, who I guess ignores it?
March 23- I receive the "we got your envelope" text.
March 23-April 1- Nada. AT&T employees laugh maniacally while dancing around huge stack of $50 VISA cards.
April 1- Natali is annoyed. Still.


  1. can you go on their website and check the status... sometimes they have automated things letting you know whats going on.

  2. Same story here! I think they are just messing with us!

  3. Had that happen to us awhile back, neeeever did it again. I refuse to do rebates, if they can't do it at the time of purchase I take mental note that I will never see the rebate so what's the point. Wow, I sound like an eternal optimist haha

  4. I know you are in ranting mode here...but it still hasn't been 6-8 weeks. I agree, the entire process is ridiculous, but it could still have a happy ending if you wait a couple more weeks.

  5. We've had two of their mail in rebate things and both times it has taken the FULL 8 weeks to get to us. And on one occasion, the text that they mailed the card came on the day we got the rebate, so they're a little slow with it.
    Did you keep a copy of everything you sent?


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