Life at 1,000 mph

I apologize for my sporadic blogging of late, but things have been hectic, busy, fun, crappy and fast paced simultaneously. I wanted to share just a few of the events that have been absorbing all of my attention :-)

  • We attended our friends' Winston and Raj's wedding (quite a neat experience as Winston is Korean, adopted by Americans when he was 7, marrying Raj, who is Punjabi, so we got to experience a big Indian wedding... really, really cool!)
  • I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Julie, who will be welcoming her first baby, Wyatt in about a month (or less!)
  • Keegan went to the zoo two weeks in a row and tried his hand at miniature golfing (seeing as he "plays" golf pretty much 24/7 at home, I figured he'd love it!)
  • We celebrated Easter with our families
  • And, (as if that weren't enough, right?) we're adopting an adorable shephard puppy from the SPCA, who we selected Easter Sunday, and will be able to come home with us this Thursday. Meet Rocco:

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  1. Sounds like you are keeping the pipeline full of fun things to do.

    Your little guy is cute. We just did a little minature golfing recently also. It is one of Clayton's favorite things to do. If you ask him what he wants to do it is either Minature Golfing or Chuckee Cheese. I prefer minature golf.


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