Child after my own heart.

Upon leaving Target yesterday, I loaded Keegan and my one shopping bag into the car to head home. Keegan started emphatically shouting at me "Want to hold da box Mommy!" over and over again. I asked, "What box?"

I looked in the Target bag. I'd bought one medicine, a dog toy, a travel pack of wipes a carton of milk and a box of ready-to-eat microwave bacon (a staple in my house).

"You want the bacon box???" I asked. "Yeah." He replied.

I handed him the box of bacon. He held it the whole way home and happily sang a song he made up to the tune of Barney's "I love you, you love me...." (get out of my head song, geez!) and his song went like this "I love bacon, bacon loveshhhh yoooooou, nummy nummy eat da bacon".

I guess I have passed on my love for bacon. Dang it, does that mean I have to SHARE????


  1. I freakin' love your son! He is so funny...and having heard him sing the infamous Barney song, I can totally picture the "I love bacon" song. Love it!

  2. Hey, I can't blame the kid either!!! I love bacon too, who doesn't?!? Even Danica has been known to eat 5 pieces. (and probably wouldn't consumed more if I let her.) That is so frickin' adorable!

  3. I think we should be friends. Bacon is my favorite food (tied with coffee, only the good kind, and garlic, and cheese is close behind)!


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