Tax Returns Are Good.

For the first time ever, the hubby and I received a tax refund. We decided to put most of it in savings, but save a little for each of us to enjoy as "fun money". I found a pair of shoes at the Banana Republic outlet store in Tulare, and I think I have forgotten how much fun it is to have a new pair of school shoes! Ok, wait, I know I'm not in school anymore- but work is grown up school, right? And I remember LOVING going to school with a new pair of shoes so much. I always felt like I could run faster and play P.E. better ( might actually make contact with the ball during kick ball if I had new shoes. No wait. I am still me- probably not! hehe). I got that feeling again today as I put on my new work shoes. They are so shiny yet. Funny how a pair of shoes you got for a song (40% off of the outlet price!) can make you feel like a million bucks. :-)
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