This glass is looking half empty.

So, I am pretty sure I made mention of the fact that I was sorry to see 2008 go around New Year's time, because 2008 had been a good year and I was thinking, hey, what are the odds of having TWO good years in a row? Apparently, my intuition was dead on- because I would definitely like a refund on 2009.

So far this year we have enjoyed:
-Frequent previews (read: giant tantrums) of the terrible twos
-A possible MS diagnosis, followed by an inconclusive but probably Celiac/Gluten Intolerance diagnosis (still better than MS- I am grateful)
-Strange electrical problems in our house
-Our health insurance got cut down to the "why even bother" plan
-One of my closest friends has to move 4 hours away
-Bran and I hit a rough spot in our marriage (and are working hard to fix it)
-I rear-ended a truck yesterday, literally 100 ft. from my destination after a 2 hour commute to get there. It will take 5 days and $500 (my deductible) to repair and I am the genius who decided a year back that we should save money and remove the rental car coverage from our insurance.

So I have decided to make predictions about the future of 2009. Perhaps by predicting these things, I can in fact jinx them and they will NOT happen?
-The Dodgers will lose. Often and badly.
-Our air conditioner will die, likely in the midst of a 15 day 110 degree plus heat wave
-Brandon's Saturn will give out on us.
-The dam in Fresno will burst, our house will flood and insurance will not cover it.
-I will be overcharged 100 times for a small purchase that will thus cause everything to bounce in my account due to a technology error.
-Keegan will decide to stop sleeping through the night, or napping for that matter.
-Caffeine will be made illegal.
-I will discover I have a life threatening allergy to chocolate and cheese.
-I will rear-end another car upon leaving the body shop with my newly repaired car.

Did I miss anything???


  1. sounds like you need a drink!

  2. Girl I'm so sorry you're dealing with a horrible year! That's how my 2008 was...I was very happy to see it go. 2009 isn't a bed of roses, but so far it's better than last year.

    I wish I could take you out for another girl's night!

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad year - hopefully it will turn around soon!


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