Happy Birthday to my dear Keegan!

Oh how I love my little man! I am so proud of him. He continues to amaze me each day with the new things he learns and demonstrates. He is definitely not your average kiddo- but of course, I'm his mom, so I'm probably biased. But, his favorite activities are golfing and playing catch/T-ball. He is more coordinated at the ripe old age of 2, than I have been at any point in my 27 years. I am not exaggerating. Unfortunately, he shuns most "toys" in lieu of "real" sports equipment, so it can be a challenge at times to find things he likes to play with. Thankfully his LONG attention span (read: obsession with) sports keeps him happy with a club (or PVC pipe made into a "club"!) a golf ball and a putting green.

His other talent is speaking. The kid can talk your ear off. Perhaps he picked that up from his Italian mother and Noni (grandma in Italian)...hmm. He can hold a full on conversation. Example:

(on intercom, in the morning)
Keegan: Mommy! Mommy! Where are you?
Me: (In his room) Hi Keegan, I'm here. Good morning.
Keegan: Hi Mommy. I awake now! What Mommy doing?
Me: Umm, talking on the phone to Titus' mommy.
Keegan: Titus' mommy? What her name?
Me: Krystin.
Keegan: Oh! Krittin. Krittin talk to Mommy on da phone.
Me: Yup.
Keegan: I want get out now (of his crib). Can Mommy make Keegan some milk peez?
Me: Umm, yes, yes I can (you incredible freak of nature who should not be able to converse so well yet- yes I can make you milk)
Keegan: Tanks! (thanks) I go play golf now like Tigah Woods.

Yes folks, that is my child. I am in for it, aren't I? He will likely surpass my mental capabilities in 6.3 months. I am doomed.

Anyway, here are some photos from his birthday celebration(s).


  1. I LOVE that he knows who Tiger Woods is.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEEGAN!!! You need to stop on over to our blog and let my Keeghan show you all the bad stuff you're supposed to do now that you're two! LOL Tell your mom she can thank me later! :)

  3. It sounds like he had a great birthday! He's so flippin' cute!

  4. That conversation is too cute! Have you heard of the sporty baby DVDs? He may enjoy the golf one - Matthan loved his until he broke it trying to get it out of the box. We need to replace it. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/Sporty-Baby-Turner-Tiger-Animated/dp/B000A2X9QU

    Happy birthday!


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