Happy Cinco de Mayo!

When you think of Cinco de Mayo, what type of food makes you want to celebrate? When I think of Cinco de Mayo- I want asian food. Just another of my quirks right? BUT there is a good reason for it! Because, on this day, 8 years ago, Brandon proposed to me in front of our friends and the entire restaurant while we ate at our favorite asian fusion restaurant, Dai Bai Dang. So, I say my friends, bring on the orange chicken and crispy beef- Happy Cinco de Mayo! Love ya Bran, happy 8-year engagement anniversary ;-)

Back in the day (with FILM cameras! Sorry for the poor quality):


  1. Awww! :) Congrats on the anniversary. You guys look so cute!

  2. Look at those baby faces ;) Happy engagement anniversary!
    Love you guys!


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