Happy Mother's Day!

Today, I had the priviledge of celebrating my second Mother's Day as a mom. My day has been quite nice- and started with Brandon getting me a mocha and giving me a beautiful necklace and gift card from Anthropologie. Then, we spent our morning at church with Brandon's parents where Keegan made me a special present in Sunday School (it was a little box with Hershey kisses in it with a note that said I love my Mommy) followed by lunch at In & Out, then a little mommy only shopping time. After that, my mom came over and her and I took in Twilight on DVD and enjoyed fruit dipped in chocolate while Keegan napped and Brandon did the grocery shopping. Brandon is about to head out for some delicious Chipotle for dinner- so all in all, I've gotta say it was a very, VERY nice day :-) I am so grateful to be a Mommy and I would like to wish my fellow moms, soon to be moms and mommy's of sweet babies in heaven a wonderful day as well!
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  1. MAN! I want In-N-Out!!! LOL Sounds like you had a really good day! Happy Mother's Day! :)


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