Highlights from the day...

-Had the "privilege" of protecting my child and self from a three inch, lime green spider with skinny skinny legs. Of course this thing had to surface while the man of the house (a.k.a. brave spider smusher) was working.

-I "saved" a wayward crying orange fluffy kitten with blue eyes from certain death left alone in the Riverpark parking lot desperately crying for it's mama or SOMEONE with a heart. Poor thing probably still needed milk- couldn't have been more than 3-4 weeks old at most. Don't worry- I found him a good home!

-I took my son to get a haircut and have his portraits taken in honor of his 2nd birthday which was today! :-) (Party and pics to come Sunday!)

-Ummmm hello, did anyone hear that I killed a THREE INCH LIME GREEN SPIDER? By MYSELF? In my HOUSE??????

This spider looks like the one I killed- though not THE one I killed:


  1. So THAT'S what a lime green spider looks like. Interesting.

    Hope you gave K lots of hugs for me on his birthday!!

  2. That is a very creepy looking spider!


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