I heart Zumba.

Some of you (my 2 readers ;-)) may have heard about my newest love, Zumba, from my Facebook posts. For those of you who are not familiar with Zumba, I just wanted to give a quick shout out on here about Zumba classes because I think there are so many people who would enjoy them!

Enjoying working out and going to the gym is a new thing for me. I've always been the person who said "ah, the gym is not my thing, I'll just take a walk or ride my bike" but you know what? I was a liar. I did ride my bike and walk, but not enough. And far too often, I was riding my bike to Starbucks or Dutch Brothers for a coffee drink! (Hello, can you say counter-productive?) So in February, when my friend Stef convinced me to join a local women's gym on a short term basis, I let her talk me into trying a few classes at the gym. I'd belonged to a gym before, but always avoided the classes for fear of being the only fool in class who is totally lost. Thankfully, I have learned in every class there are a lot of new people, and a lot of veterans, and sometimes even the veterans look like fools, but showing up and moving and trying your best is what's going to count, not getting every move perfect.

I really enjoy classes where I get both a cardio and strength workout. My two favorite classes are aquacardio (1 hr with 35 min of fast paced running, moving and jumping against the water's resistance, 20 min of strength and toning using equipment and 5 min of stretching) and Zumba (fast paced dance class that incorperates a variety of different dance types, especially Latin dance styles as well and toning moves for the entire body including the core and arms).

I have discovered that by attending classes, I feel pressure to complete the whole class (if the lady three times my age is still rocking out after 55 minutes, why shouldn't I be???) and I feel the need to push myself form-wise so that people behind me can trust I'm doing to right moves in case they can't see the instructor. Also, having someone lead me through moves is SO much more fun than running on a treadmill going nowhere for eternity!

If you are looking for a class, my favorite instructor teachers multiple classes in the Fresno area, some do not even require that you be a member of a gym. For class information, check out her website: MizHipz and click on the schedule link. If you would like to see some video of a Zumba class in action click here for a fairly decent representation on YouTube (albeit you have to bear some gratuitous boob and booty camera work).

My next class is tomorrow morning- can't wait!


  1. I miss working out at a gym, and participating in aerobics classes. Where is your women's gym?

  2. Have you taken any other classes??? I just took spin, and ended up loving it...was dying after 5 minutes...pushed through and it was great. But my trainer talks about how fun zumba is...might try it!


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