My stupidest, most shallow blog post ever.

See this shirt? ^^^ I realized this morning, I was mad at it. Yes, I just said I was mad at a shirt. Completely stupid right? That's why I'm blogging it. I am confessing. Confession is good for the soul right? So, yes, I was mad at the shirt and subconciously I had decided to punish it by not wearing it. Why? Why on earth is this mom-chick-blogger talking about such ridiculousness? I will tell you.

I went to J. Crew one day and saw the shirt. I really liked it, but they didn't have my size. I was informed by the nice sales lady that I could use the "special red phone" (it is really red, apparently in all stores) and call their ordering center, and if my size was in stock, they would ship it to me at home- for free. (Well, the shipping would be free- I'd still pay for the shirt of course- ahhh but in a perfect So, I decided to use the special red-free-shipping phone and place the order. Things were going along swimmingly, until the customer service rep clicked to confirm and send my order. Every computer in the building apparently froze and crashed. (Or so I was told) so, I was told to give my info to the in store sales lady, and she would place my order later in the day, once everything was up and running again. So, I did.

The shirt came in a mere 3 days, and I was excited to receive it. (It was cold though that day- so I hung it in the closet for later use) All was good- I was happy to have a new shirt ready when the weather would oblige- and I was a happy camper until.... I checked my bank account online and discovered I was charged 5 times for the shirt!

One lunch break of phone calls and holding and talking to very nice apologetic reps at J. Crew and calls to my own bank later... things were finally straightened out. But, having a shirt that was under $30 charge your account over $100 can foul up other transactions for awhile, and it was not so fun!

So this morning, as I got dressed, saw the shirt hanging there, tag still attached- I finally decided I should punish the shirt no longer for my hassle- after all, I did like the shirt. And I put it on.

You were warned this was the stupidest blog post ever. And I do not false advertise. Have a nice, non-stupid day :-)
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  1. It's a really cute shirt. And you look great BTW!

  2. I love you Nat, but you so jinxed yourself of that one! Didn't you post a few weeks back that you were hoping to nullify bad things by saying that they would happen? And wasn't one of those things that you would be charged for one small item multiple times and it would mess up your bank account?!
    Think before you speak (erm, type) my friend!!

    But it is a totally cute shirt. My plain old boring red Old Navy shirt is jealous.

  3. Well, you look lovely in the shirt! Great buy!

  4. You look GREAT! WOW!

  5. @Jaymi- don't be too impressed- it's a kind angle and I'm sucking it in! lol

  6. You crack me up! I would punish the shirt too! It looks good on you. At least they got the size right. :)


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