You don't know until you get there...

There are some things I am discovering you just have to muddle through in order to find the answer when it comes to parenting. Today, I've been pondering what I think is likely one of those things. Last summer, we went in the pool many times over the summer (Keegs and I). Keegan would float around in a little floaty tube with a seat in it, and I would push the floaty tube around for the most part. This year, Keegan is VERY independent and I KNOW he will not be content to sit around in a floaty. (He won't even ride in the cart at Target- "I WALK Mommy. Walk.") So I bought some water wings/arm floaties today. But the question is, can a fairly coordinated almost 2-year-old just cut loose in the water with those things on? I mean, speaking physics here, would he tip over (he has a huge head- Dr. said if there was a 140th% percentile- that'd be where his head would be on the growth chart- no comment) even with floaties on and get his head stuck under water? No.. I don't THINK so.... but..... I've gotta figure out how this is going to work. Moms out there? Thoughts?


  1. Could only find the girls model, sorry but it gives you the idea...

    My nephew and niece used these when they went to the lake and it seemed to keep them from, tipping over haha

  2. With Miss J when she was 2, we did the lifejacket and wings...seems excessive but it helped with tipping over...when she was 3 it was just wings working on her swimming, 4 she had lessens I felt she could retain it better and this year she has retained it and is swimming away.

    Now that I have a 2 year old rascal aka boy he got the wings and vest. It really helps him. He loves it, and I am not freakishly worried since we live in the pool all summer long. There are pros and cons but you do what works!


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