You might be a stick driver if...

You drive around in an automatic rental car...
with your hand firmly planted on the shift knob! Oops! Old habits die hard I guess ;-)

Quite honestly, I think being able to drive stick (or manual transmission if you prefer) has become a lost art. When I picked up my newly dent-free car last night from the auto-body place, the guy who helped me acted shocked when he realized I drove stick. His actual words were, "YOU drive stick???!" Um, yes, yes I do. I feel like it gives me a better driving experience. I am more in control of the car, thus I can cause the car to react faster than I could in an automatic. Also, my fuel economy is slightly better, and I saved about $2,000 on the initial price of the car. Oh yeah- if my clutch goes out- it will be $400, maybe $500 to fix as opposed to $2,000 if I blow a transmission. So, yes, I am a stick driver, and I am very happy to be one!

Ok, stick drivers unite- who else is out there? Holla if you CAN or DO drive stick!


  1. My Saturn was a stick. I miss it! I too think it's a lost art. I hope our next car will be one. The only only only thing that's bad about it is being stuck in traffic, and the occasional stop light on a hill. :)

  2. I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the lines: "when I picked up from the auto-body place..." and "I am more in control of the car..." Why was it at the body shop again? ;)


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