Yuck truck.

I traveled to Bakersfield for work today, and, as I have every time I driven 99 South, I spotted a Sara Lee truck. (Sara Lee is probably best known for bread, but the company makes a variety of other products as well.)

Anyway, I've gotta just say, that Sara Lee's truck graphics really turn me off. They feature people enjoying Sara Lee foods, but with food smeared on their GIANT truck sized mouths. It's bad enough seeing the kids on the truck, but the full grown adults with crumbs all over their face? Yuck! It's one of those things that I really don't deal very well with in my day to day life, and I am constantly trying to make sure I don't have food all over my own face- but now, I have to look at giant, truck sized faces of people that I am supposed to presume are to excited about what they are eating to utilize a napkin. I do not approve.

Please, Sara Lee, for the TRUE Joy of Eating and preservation of my appetite, get a new ad campaign.

That is all. Thank you for putting up with my complaint :-)

Sorry for the crappy through-the-buggy-windshield-pic, but it was the best I could do at 70mph with a cell phone. If it was a better picture, you'd see the little girl is drooling mustard, and the man has bread crumbs all over his mouth.^^ See, aren't you sorry I don't have a clearer picture? Yeah. Didn't think so ;-)


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