A collection of random thoughts

1. While driving behind a bus, I saw an ad on the back of it that had a picture of an attorney, and it said, "Bankruptcy completed for $1,576 TOTAL." Correct me if I am wrong, but if a person is filing bankruptcy, where might they come up with $1,576? How does THAT work?

2. Speaking of money... we are in the process of refinancing our house, and it was all supposed to be wrapped up by June 1st. Well, our new bank is taking their sweet time finishing up things on their end, and now, the next payment has come and gone on our current loan. I decided not to pay it, as the payoff from the new loan/bank covers June as well (no sense in paying it twice, I'll just pay the $79 late charge) and the loan should all be wrapped up ANY second now... but check this- the payment is officially "late" by one day- and the bank was already calling me! I was pretty surprised. Maybe this is normal? I mean, I don't pay things late- but wow! I'm actually kind of impressed in a weird way, lol.

3. I saw a license frame that said "Forget courtesy, this is California." Um, WHAT? Is that supposed to be ok? All I can do is quote my favorite quote here: "BE the change you want to see in the world!" -Mother Theresa

4. When I went to get gas today, I set the pump up to go, ran in for a Red Bull (yeah, I know, you're supposed to stay with your car- but I didn't want to take extra time and make someone wait for a pump while I got my Red Bull after and there was no other non-pump parking available) I cam back out, put the pump up, closed my tank, reached in two throw out two cups (took what, like 2.5 seconds?) and this guy pulls up behind me, honks loudly "blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap" and says "Come on! Jeez!" Seriously? You are mad at the 2.5 seconds I took to throw away two cups? Wow, you must be pretty darn important. Not a gentleman, but important. Sigh. (Maybe license frame person met this guy?)

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  1. Imagine what that guy would have done if you had waited to get your red bull after you pumped!


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