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I work alone in my office, if you haven't gathered that before- let me just put it out there. My office is a nice, calm, quiet- albeit kind of plain-to-look-at-place where I can get my stuff done. On the front door is a large placard that says "no soliciting". Apparently it is invisible to employees of Quill office products. They repeatedly come into my office when they are in the area, despite my sign, and walk right up to me at my desk, hover over me and ask me about things. They don't have name tags on or anything- but so far, Quill is the only company that sends in the troops despite "no soliciting" signs.

Now, you should also know what I found out, the first time my quiet-in-the-zone-work mode was interrupted by Quill- and that is, this company wants nothing with me. I am a ONE person office. I do not require massive quantities of paper or office products. If I need something, I get in the car and drive half a block to Office Max, buy it and come back. Quill won't even sell to an office as small as mine (when they found out I'm the only employee, they told me I wouldn't "qualify" to purchase their products... wth?).

So, today's interruption....
Dude: (Barges in while I am working on spreadsheets and towers over me at my desk) Hello! I am *name omitted*. What kind of company is this??? (now in your head, I need you to imagine this being said in the most flagrant voice you can imagine and at a volume far higher than necessary in a tiny, quiet, one person office with no other noise occurring)
Me: Educational Consulting. Can I help you?
Dude: Ohhhhhh! Is this all your FAMILY? (Is now staring at all the pictures on the wall by my desk and examining anything around my desk- nosey much?)
Me: Yes, that is my family.
Dude: Oh!!!! So is that your daughter?????
Me: No, that is my son.
Dude: Oh!!!! How old is he???
Me: Two.
Dude: Ohhhhhhhhhh! What a wonderful age! They just run around and around and around.......(continues)
Me: Is there something I can do for you?
Dude: Oh yes, what is your name?
Me: Natali
Dude: Well, Natali, as I said before, I am *name* and I am here with Quill. Have you heard of Quill before?
Me: Yes, and I don't qualify. I am a one person office and if I need office supplies, I go to the store and pick them up. I use maybe 5 reams of paper per year.
Dude: Really!? Wow! How did you know you didn't qualify?
Me: Because I've had others from your company come in before.
Dude: Oh wow! What were their names?
Me: Um, I have no clue. But it was a few months back.
Dude: So you don't use a lot of paper then?
Me: No. I really am not in need of Quill's services, thank you.
Dude: Ok, I guess I should be going then?
Me: I guess so.
(Did he want me to invite him to stay and hang out so we could discuss me "daughter" some more? Seriously.)

Also, to fully appreciate the annoying-ness of this all, add extensive pauses between each question and answer, picture the guy eying everything in my office as if he were looking for the clues to a mystery, and me sitting there with a stack of work that was put on hold for a good ten minutes for no good reason at all.

I am done now. I guess I'm going to have to put up a new sign: No Soliciting. And yes, I mean you Quill.


  1. He sounds creepy. You need a heavy paper weight in case you need to throw it at him in the future. Just picture a spider on his face.

  2. I think he walked into my office yesterday, ignoring the bell in the waiting room that says "Please ring bell and someone will be with you shortly." But this guy was selling some electroshock therapy thing . . .

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  4. That plaque is from thanks for finding interest in our products. Handcrafted in the USA. Peace, Janey


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