Leaving on a jet plane....err.... big boat.

And I KNOW when I'll be back again- but it won't be until Sunday night! Hubby and I are taking a much needed vacation and jumping on a Carnival cruise ship to Catalina for the next four days. We're cruising with my friend Kara (who I met online through a mom's web forum initially!) and her hubby Jayson and we got a really, REALLY great deal. (Which makes the trip even better!) Let's just say it was SUCH a great deal, the entire cruise cost about what two nights in a mediocre hotel would cost in a semi-boring city. So, we're hitting the road now- we've gotta get to San Diego... I am trying to big a "big girl" and not cry about leaving my sweet son behind- but he is in good hands, and Bran and I need this break from everyday life :-) This is the first cruise we have taken- so pray it goes smoothly and that it's fun please!


  1. Have such a wonderful time!! I hope that we will get to go on a cruise someday too! Can't wait for pictures!


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