Lord(ess?) of the flies??

I'm not sure if a girl lord is a lord-ess, but it sounds right... so I am going to run with it. For all intensive purposes, it is the most appropriate blog title at this moment.

I am currently working on an internet research project for my boss, so I decided to work on it in the comfort of my currently-toddler-free home.

I was plugging away when I started noticing buzzing. Lots of buzzing. At first, I got scared, because I've been stung by a bee before and a wasp (six times IN the mouth, one wasp- no, not kidding) and I wasn't particularly looking forward to a repeat incident. As I moved closer to the kitchen window, I discovered FLIES. LOTS and LOTS of flies! I decided to see if I could kill many flies with one spray (literally, no pun intended) and I sprayed Raid all in the window box (super healthy for the kitchen, don't you think?). Well, it worked. These are the casualties so far.

I would like to also point out that my house is clean. Like really clean. What on earth is going on?


  1. We have had the same problem lately. For some odd reason the flies are just hanging out on the stucco right outside our doors. So every time we open a door to go in or out 6 flies go zooming inside the house. Drives me crazy. I spend the next several hours hunting them down with the fly swatter and cleaning up with disenfecting spray. Noah laughs like crazy at the sight of me swatting at the flies and Jordan gets mad at me for killing a bug (he loves bugs for some reason lately). Yucky flies!!

  2. On the bright side....at least that picture isn't of a pile of spiders instead ;0)

  3. We've had lots of flies lately too and it's driving me crazy! Is this what happens during the summer months? I don't remember flies last year.


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