Having fun on 8 bucks

Money being a little tight until my next payday, I was trying to figure out something fun to do today with Keegan while Brandon helped his brother and fiancee move their stuff into their first apartment. I had settled on driving to the mall and wandering about, maybe just window shopping and getting a cookie for Keegan. When we got there, the parking lot was so crowded, I knew the inside would be even worse. Everyone is looking for something indoors to do on a summer weekend afternoon here I suppose. So, we drove on and I remembered a place I'd seen with signs saying they had an 18 hole glow in the dark miniature golf course- perfect! We drove on over there (well, I did, obviously, lol) and had a great time! For $8 we were both highly entertained for a good couple of hours. There was good music playing, cold AC and each whole had a different theme- all major landmarks from around the world and some even had music that activitated when you stepped on the green that was specific to that geographic area. The people working there were super nice too. I highly recommend Max Putt over on Ashlan and Cedar if you're a local!


  1. Just to be clear. I was helping my brother and HIS fiance move ;)


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