A Mish-mash Kind of Post

I haven't blogged in a while, and I want to play a little catch up! :-)

First, I am extremely excited about my Weight Watchers "journey"/success so far. I have lost 12 pounds as of this morning, and it has been exactly one month since I started the program. At this rate, I expect to be seeing my goal weight become reality by the mid September- and knowing how close that is is very motivating.

A couple of things that are working for me, for my fellow WW folks' benefit:
-I am cooking dinner recipes to my usual taste, I am just making substitutions to lower the points. Here are some of the common substitutions I've used:
-Reduced fat cheese instead of regular
-For every tbsp of oil called for, I'm using a tsp instead (so far, no real drama with this change!)
-Fat free milk (always)
-Fat free sour cream
-Unsweetened applesauce in place of oil in baked goods (or part of the oil)
-Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta in place of regular (tastes great- but with all the benefits of whole wheat pasta. If you're not using this you need to start. Really. Like today.)

For dinner the other night, I made shredded beef dip sandwiches- they were low in points, DELICIOUS and SUPER easy. Even a Caveman could do it ;-) Well, if he had a crockpot. And electricity...

This is literally all you have to do: *Sorry, no pics, was too hungry to waste time taking them!
1. Get a tri-tip (or for you non-CA folks, a beef loin tip/roast)
2. Get 1 pkg of au jus mix and get twice the water called for on the packet.
3. Throw the water, au jus mix, and meat in the crock pot in the morning before you go about your day. Turn it on low (or if you only want to cook it half a day, put it on high).
4. When you want to eat dinner, grab some crusty sandwich rolls/bread (look for no more than 2 pts. per serving here for WW peeps).
5. Take two foks, shred up the beef in the crockpot (will be so tender, it will almost fall apart on it's own)
6. Put beef in the bread. Add BBQ sauce or grilled onions if you're feeling crazy.
7. Eat and be happy. And get some iron. And eat leftovers for lunch the next day. And be happy again.
*Sandwich with 3 oz. beef (all visible fat removed) and 2 pt bread = 5 pts.

4th of July:
Wow, what an awesome weekend it was! I am still on a little bit of a friends-family-swimming-eating-happiness high! I think 4th of July should be on a weekend EVERY year so we end up with a 3-day like it was this year- WAY cool. (Yes, I know the 4th can't always be on the weekend... I'm not that blonde, swear.)

Friday: (Day off from work :-)) Hit the road to IKEA in Sacramento with one my of favorite people, Michelle. She needed 4 $10 chair covers, so we drove around 400 miles in a day to get 'em. And yup it was TOTALLY worth it. IKEA is awesome!

Friday evening, we met more all time favorite people Ralph, wife Cat and son Lucas for Cold Stone Ice Cream and fireworks in Kerman (aka the boondocks :-)). Keegan was not so much a fan of the noises the fireworks made, and was very scared of them (think of a kitten trying to claw their way up to your head- that was Keegan on Brandon). once Bran took him in the car and turned on some music, Keegan enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Saturday: We got to go SWIMMING!!!! First time this year. Crazy, I know. But, we don't have many close friends or family with pool access- and working out timing without feeling like a mooch ("Hey, um, I'm calling you because I like you, but moreso at the moment because my eyelashes are sweating and I want to use your pool...") can be tricky. Michelle's parents lent us all the use of their pool and we were able to witness friends' lil' one Wyatt's first swim EVER. (He had a mixed opinion of the event)

Saturday evening, Michelle and hubby Nate opened up their home for their first big bash- a combo 4th of July and housewarming party- what a GREAT night! My parents and Bran's parents were invited, as were all of our friends and some friends we hadn't seen in quite some time. My friend Amy's daughter and Keegan had a blast playing together. I even made an apple pie (attempting to copy my Grandma's recipe that involves lattice crust, a truckload of cinnamon and sugar and a pie so big, you have to use a big, 13 x 9 casserole dish). Such an awesome time!

Sunday: Brandon took Keegan to the circus for the first time to see the elephants. As it turns out, Keegan's attention span is directly proportional to the length of time prior to and during the elephant performance. As soon as the elephants were done doing their thing, Keegan told Brandon he was tired, and wanted to go home and take a nap. (This from the kid who typically says "no way!!!" if you EVER insinuate he MIGHT need a rest as he is falling down from exhaustion.) He did however enjoy eating his first cotton candy ("fuzzies").

Sunday evening, K went to my in-laws for a bit so Bran and I could have a date night. We enjoyed some delicious Chipotle and Ce Fiore frozen yogurt. The night was punctuated with a lovely dose of humiliation for yours truly however, when an unexpected gust of wind caught the skirt of my dress and placed the bottom hem right upon my shoulders in front of probably 45 strangers. Good thing I was always told to wear nice, clean underwear at all times I suppose.... sigh.

I am not sure if we can top this past weekend anytime soon(well, maybe I could not flash people?)- but it was sure fun* (*not the flashing)!!!


  1. Flashing on a date night huh?? Sure Brandon liked that!

  2. Your posts always make me laugh! You're a good writer. Are those the slipcovers in the picture with the red wall? If yes, how much were they? I'd like some like that.

  3. WOW! 12 lbs. in a month is awesome - way to go! Thinking I may need to sign up for WW too. This summer has been a bit embarrassing in the swimsuit department.

  4. Rachel: Yes, those are the ones! (the white ones on the stools) and they were $10 a pop.

    Vanessa, if you decide to do it, a. let me know, and I will give you links to the most helpful resources I've found and b. know that it has been by FAR the easiest and most effective thing I've tried! Good luck!!! :-) I HATE swimsuit season because of, well, swimsuits. ;-)


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