Mommy's "green car"

In an effort to reduce our monthly bills, I decided it was time to trade in my trusty Corolla for a vehicle that came with a kinder payment. The car was worth more than I owed, and my payments were high because I'd rolled part of an old car loan into the Corolla loan (not ideal, but I couldn't be stuck with my lemon of a Ford Focus a single additional minute at the time- it was a good call and I fully stand by that).

After a few days of haggling, car shopping and researching, I am please to have joined the ranks of the few, the tree-hugging, the happy- Prius owners. I am also the owner of a $150-less-per-month car payment :-)

One of my favorite parts of my car buying experience however was this...
Before heading out to the dealership on the second day, I asked Keegan, "What kind of car should Mommy get?" His response? "A green one." In my head, all I could picture was the teal green on the 80s and early 90s and was having a bit of trouble getting enthused, so I responded with a pensive "hmmm, we'll see..."

As I was getting into the Prius to leave the lot, the dealership manager came out, and bid me farewell "Enjoy your cute little green car!" At that moment, I realized I DID buy a green car. Not only did I buy a car that was green in COLOR, but also a "green" like, eco-green car! My kid is SMART. He knew exactly what I supposed to get.
Michelle and I, taking the car to my parents' house to show them...^^
My Dad yelled, "pull over!" while my mom tried out driving the car in the country, turned out he'd spotted a rather large snake^^My dad and the snake, for a relative size comparison^^(I believe this was the point the rest of us were saying repeatedly, no, do NOT just pick it up- and my Dad was arguing with us.)
The next day at work, a car just like my old Corolla parked behind my new Prius, it seemed they may have had some sort of grudge match to settle? No one likes to be replaced I guess ;-)^^

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