Mixed Bag Kind of Day

Today, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... and thankfully, it's almost over.

The Good:
-Finally found two stepped kid step stool (with NO tacky characters on it- woot!) so that I can replace what I call the "bad stool" or at least have one good stool in one good bathroom. Step stool people STEP stool. Don't be gross k? ;-)
-When putting my Target cart away in the cart return, I discovered the cart in front of me had a brand new eyeliner in it's package in it. I looked around, but there was no one putting stuff away in their car, so I scored probably a $9 very usable eyeliner for $0.
-Got to go shopping for a bit afterwork at Target on what I call "write a check because your direct deposit hits tomorrow morning and it won't clear before then" day.
-Upon weighing this morning, I discovered I had "magically" lost the 6lbs pounds I mysteriously gained yesterday morning. Yeah, I don't get it either. But I'm glad they are gone!
-I needed to buy new workout pants for the gym, because mine were too big :-)

The Bad:
-Checked out in "skull shirt guy's" line at Target (guy who wears a red polo with little skulls on it- always wore it, seemed to carefully walk the Target required dress code line) and he told me that someone complained that his shirt offended them, and now we will just have to call him "regular red shirt guy".
-Snapped at the hubby and hurt his feelings.
-Didn't really workout today other than a walk around the block with the kiddo and the dog, feeling kind of blobbish because of it. Yes, blobbish is a word.

-Got a phone call that went like this "Hi, Mrs. Carrera? Are you aware that you have an outstanding bill for lab tests for Keegan at St. Agnes hospital that is outstanding in the amount of $533.00 plus $110 for interest?" Nope, definitely was NOT aware of THAT. Apparently it is acceptable for a hospital to transpose numbers in your address, not bill you for almost an entire year and then charge YOU interest on what you didn't know your insurance didn't cover.
-Had to finally give up on salvaging any sort of relationship with my younger sister.
-Our car insurance company decided to randomly move our due date from the 20th to the 31st. As in, we don't pay Sept. 20th, we pay August 31st now. Thanks for the notice.


  1. I believe that hospitals are not allowed to charge you interest, so I would try just paying the base amount. I have heard many times that interest is not allowed to be charged on medical bills.

  2. Well I'm glad you were able to score a "good stool" and some free eyeliner on your otherwise crappy day. :(

    Does your sister read your blog?


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