My finest hour.

7:21 Brandon: I'm going to the AT&T store, I have to get a new phone, mine finally died.

7:28 Trying to get Keegan ready to leave the house, I have a $10 Victoria's Secret coupon that they sent me for my birthday that expires today.


7:35 Brandon: Can you call AT&T and add me to the account as an authorized user? They need either you to be present or me to be added.

7:37: Automated computer lady: "estimated wait time is ... 29 minutes."

7:40 Drive to AT&T store.

7:47 Phone will cost gobs of money.

7:56 Leave AT&T store, Keegan: "I'm hungry. Nuggets PLEASE."

8:00 Victoria's Secret closes.

8:03 Hit McDonald's drive through, get nuggets.

8:11 Put leash on Brandon's dog, give Keegan a nugget, fight Brandon's dog to keep him from stealing said nugget. Attempt to take a walk.

8:14 New neighbors who bought house that foreclosed nearby (the house that caused our house to lose 60,000 of value OVERNIGHT thus rendering our ALMOST closed refinance dead in the water- yes THAT house) have giant dogs. Giant dogs bark, scare Keegan. Then, neighbors whisper in backyard and TURN SPRINKLERS ON US ON THE SIDEWALK JUST WALKING BY.

8:15 Running to get out of sprinkler path. Dog winds around my feet. Favorite sandal breaks. Now half a block away from home and shoe less.

8:16 Dog eats Keegan's last nugget.

8:16.0001 Screaming commences.

8:20 Attempt to take picture of my broken shoe for blog, discover phone is now freezing up and not working properly (after just leaving AT&T store).

8:21 At least it's K's bedtime. Except the sheets he accidentally peed on at nap time are in the WASHER yet, NOT the dryer, ready to go.


  1. This made my eye twitch... how stressful! I hope you're doing something relaxing right now, aiiii!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Yikes. Today is a new day... (and there is still plenty of time left to have a nice glass of wine.)


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