They're baaaaaaaack.

It seems my mini-vacation from black widow spiders who stalk me at my office (and then soon after every single stinking place I go...) is OVER. This one was hanging out just outside my office door today. I've got to say, for a cell phone pic- this ain't half bad. But, that also tells you how crazy close I GOT to the spider. (I must have lost my mind temporarily today!) Let's start the count again... how many days in a row will a see a black widow...BTW, if you are a fairly new reader of my blog and you think "She must be exaggerating about how many spiders she sees..." by all means, please click the label "freakin spiders" for more evidence of this curse that seems to have been placed on me. If anyone knows how to reverse it, I've got a crisp $5 bill waiting for you. Yup, I said 5. I work in education people, geez, what do you expect? ;-)

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