Why I'm smiling

I have had such a fun 28 hours or so! (Well, I guess when I was asleep, it wasn't "fun" but I do enjoy good sleep, so that is a good thing too!)

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan of Mrs. Priss fame and her hubby Justin for the first time. Brandon and Justin actually went to high school together, but this was the first time I'd had the chance to meet him and Morgan (who is a total sweetie btw-but you can dislike her a little bit because her hair stays smooth and pretty in the face of ridiculous heat and humidity for hours on end-UNLIKE mine ;-)). The four of us, along with our friends Julie and Jimmy met up for some delicious Chipotle and then hurried over to Chuckchansi Park to take part in The Great Fresno Tweet Up! (An event organized by the Fresno Grizzlies- our local triple A baseball team and The Fresno Beehive for Fresno area "Tweeps" err, people who live here and Twitter :-)) We had such a great time at the game (though I don't think we actually spent much time paying close attention to the game... I believe the words "there is a game going on?" where uttered more than once... sorry Grizzlies! But good win, good win!)Today, I was able to enjoy a day off from work in honor of my birthday (my birthday isn't until Monday, BUT I have meetings on Monday, so I figured, why not make it a 3-day weekend?) and we started the day with some delicious Dutch Brothers coffee and some good ole quality family time on the greens at Blackbeards playing some mini-golf. (Word to the wise, if you think playing mini-golf before noon will be tolerable outdoors, in July, in Fresno- you are WRONG, as were we) We had fun for about 7 holes, then I believe fun just turned into survival and mopping sweat. The final 6 holes were fast forwarded and we ended with a cherry Icee (phew, that's better).

(See how we are still smiling in these pictures? It is because we were only on hole 2 and 3. That did NOT last long in the heat, sigh) Following golf, Brandon and Keegan were kind enough to give me some "girl time" and I was able to go to the mall and shop around with two of my favorite girls, Julie and Michelle. Julie surprised me with an early birthday gift- a gift card to Anthropologie :-) (I attempted to restrain myself from jumping up and down in public) and I had a shopping there and at Sephora. Sephora even gave me 3 free lip glosses for my birthday :-) I LOVE Free :-)

After an afternoon of shopping, we were off to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Dai Bai Dang. Oh how I love their food- so delicious! Following dinner, we enjoyed a little browsing time at Borders, where Brandon bought me the most adorable little kitchen towels I have seen- they have smiling TOAST and PEAS on them. Yes, I am a sucker for smiling food- what can I say? We capped off the evening with some delicious fat-free Italian frozen yogurt from Ce Fiore.I am so grateful to have had such a GREAT time these past couple of days. :-)


  1. Yay! A well-deserved time of fun and family and food!! You look GREAT!!

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  3. Yay!! I had a great time on Thursday as well... it was so much fun being able to hang out with you guys, FINALLY! We were just talking about having you guys over for dinner sometime soon... you know, now that our apartment is actually clean and all spiders have been slayed. :)

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, if I don't talk to you!

  4. What a fun weekend! Happy birthday!

  5. omgosh, Morgan's hair IS always perfect isn't it?! so annoying! LOLZ!!
    This post was so fun to read and hear about all the familar places, mmm, Dai Bai Dangs!!
    I need to make it to the next Great Tweetup, sounds like you guys had a blast!

  6. oh!


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