Works for Me Wednesday!

Rocks in my Dryer has set an awesome example of posting simple, fast and easy ways to accomplish everyday tasks and then giving readers the opportunity to share their tips as well. I am going to attempt to get a W4MW schedule on a role here at Thinking Blonde too.

I shall call tonight's edition: Cheap Lazy Mommy Makes "grilled" chicken

Sometimes I really want to make grilled foods, but I am either too lazy or too cheap to fire up the grill and/or go to the store to buy charcoal- because I am always inevitably out. Tonight was one of those nights.

So, I resorted to plan B (and no, it's not the George Foreman grill- it's too hard to clean up!).

I set a cookie cooling rack on top of a foil covered cookie sheet and set my oven to broil. I sprayed the rack with a little cooking spray, to make sure the chicken I was about to make wouldn't stick.Then, I took two large defrosted chicken breasts and used a carving knife to cut them in half across the center of the breast. This allows my chicken to cook in half the time AND helps me control my portions. A serving of chicken breast is 3 oz. and most breasts you get in the frozen bags (like I do, at Costco) are actually 4.5-7 oz. each. So, instead of 2 pieces of chicken, I now have 4. Hubby can still have two if he wants or he can save one for lunch the next day, I get one, and Keegan gets one. So, I'm saving money and calories.When I am done broiling my chicken, I can crumple the foil lining the cookie sheet and I only have to wash the rack, thus saving time.

Just look at the big sticky mess neither myself, nor the hubby has to scrub :-)

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