Hoppy Labor Day!

This morning, I had the privilege of taking Keegan and his one of his best friends, Adynn to the zoo. We met our friends the Vasquez family there as well. While we were there, I got a picture message from my mom of my Dad, holding a little rabbit in his hands- and it turned out he had rescued it from their cat's mouth- lucky bunny. Apparently the bunny was quite friendly, and they wanted me to bring the kiddos out to come see it before they let it go back into the fields. We took them up on it, and it sure was a cute little bunny :-) Fun experience for the kids (and for me :))

Lucas, Keegan and AdynnTalking 'bout tortoisesLooking to see if "Nosey" had any "boogers" in his nose.

1 comment:

  1. Aaa! I LOVE pictures of little friends, these are adorable!!!


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