I am the potluck lady.

I love to cook. It's my favorite art form. Yes, I do think cooking is art. Do I carve radish roses and watermelon baskets? Err, no. Or not yet at least... but there is just something neat about taking foods and flavors, combining them, and ending up with something delicious. It's a creative process. It's a mathematical ratio process. It is a science experiment (sometimes more than others, lol). It's all of those things and I love it. I also love having a reason to make new things. Especially making new things for others. I think for me, it's a way to offer a small part of me in friendship- it's like, "hey, you're pretty cool. I made you some food that will make your mouth happy and your stomach should be pretty happy too."

Tonight, hubby and I got to attend our small group- and I was in charge of bringing "treats". I was trying to think of something I could make, that would likely be something people don't get too often- and then it came to me. Monkey bread. I have been DYING to make Pioneer Woman's Monkey Bread, and I finally had a good excuse to do it.

Can I just say, the smells while making it were better than ANY candle I've ever owned- and I LIKE candles. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Pioneer Woman's Monkey Bread. You will thank yourself. Anyone who tries it will thank you too. I KNEW it was a winner when someone said "Where did you buy this?" and I got to say, "I made it." For a person who loves to cook- there are no sweeter words. My foody friendship gesture was accepted. Come. to. mama.


  1. That looks good. Can I have the recipe? I too think cooking is art. I love it!!!

  2. Rachel: The recipe is linked, just click where it says Monkey Bread in the blog post :-)


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