I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

A major change has occurred in our household this week. I decided to finally stop living in denial. It's more than a river in Egypt you know... sorry, couldn't resist. Moving on...

I finally learned something, now that my son is at the ripe old age of 2 years and a number of months. Sleeping in is a thing of the past. Parents, you can try to pretend that you still sleep in, you can attempt to keep up the rouse- but face it- those mornings when your rugrat is up at 6am and you desperately attempt to cling to just one more hour of sleep by bringing them into your bed, throwing on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode and rolling over. Be real. You're not sleeping. It is more likely you are being used as a human trampoline than sleeping. And I know what you're thinking- what about those rare, blessed days when my hubby/wife lets me sleep and gets up with the rugrat solo? Or the occasion which requires a grandparent to keep the munchkin(s) overnight? Puh-lease. You and I BOTH know those will be the very mornings the neighbors will decide to mow their lawn or jackhammer their driveway at 7am. So, let's allllll just stop kidding ourselves shall we? (*note all above circumstances are 100% true to my life)

So, if I can't sleep in, and I'm accepting that now... what does that change? Well- I've decided I will change. I will get up, even before my kiddo, and do my absolute best to embrace morning. I am ALWAYS racing the clock, and having an extra 1.5 hours in my day- well, I really can get so much more done! In addition, if I'm up and moving, my hubby seems to have an easier time getting up and moving, and he's getting out the door on time for work. I am able to pack him a lunch and toast him a bagel too- which I don't think he minds too much. This extra time is allowing me to brew coffee at home ($$$ saving!) enjoy the peace of early morning, unload the dishwasher so we can load as we go throughout the day- no big pile of nasty dishes to fight at night- fold one load of laundry (I put one in the wash before I go to bed) thus elimating massive laundry days- I can go workout in the morning, and I can just enjoy getting ready without rushing around and losing my ever loving mind every. single. morning like I did before.

Getting up early requires a certain amount of self-honesty/lack of denial as well. I can't go to bed at 12:30 and expect to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6. I can't do EVERYTHING that needs to be done in the house before the day begins- I've gotta pace myself.

I would encourage anyone who is experiencing symptoms of morning denial to just try out "embracing morning" and getting up a little earlier. I'm only just beginning this habit- but I really like it so far. She may not fully realize how she inspired it, but I'd like to thank Wishcake for helping me realize this was something I needed to do in my life :-)
My new/old best friend :-)

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  1. (my word verification is "bebeh"-lol!!!)

    Ugh, mornings. Even though I pretty much am up at or before 7 daily, and don't have kids...I just loathe the morning. Maybe if I had a less comfy bed I would be much happier to roll out of it :)


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