My cowardly little lion.

The unfortunate truth in my life, is that often times I am entirely too cautious and too much of a worry wart. I get a little nervous about change, and I get nervous sometimes with new experiences or things that seem risky. I don't ride roller coasters, because "what if it makes me sick?" I get nervous traveling because "what if I get sick and am away from home?" (See, told you it was unfortunate!) I wish that I weren't so much this way- and I try hard not to be this way with any level of obviousness with my son around, but alas, he has partly my genetics- and maybe it's just how we are wired.

At the playground recently, he spent for.ev.ER and a day exclaiming that he could not go down the slide because the slide would be too hot where the sun was hitting at the bottom. Despite the fact that his little buddy Titus had in fact gone down the slide multiple times by that point, and did not burst into hot little flames, Keegan was not convinced. I finally decided to be a bully and grab Keegan's hand and pull him down the slide- which is when he discovered it was in fact "not too hot!- it's perfect!"
I wish I hadn't passed this kind of overly cautious behavior on to my kiddo. I don't want him to be a worry-wart like his mom. I want him to just be a happy-go-lucky-kid. Us parents always want better for our kids than we have ourselves I suppose...


  1. I know what you mean, I'm just as much of a worrier as you! And I see anxiety in breaks my heart.

  2. I thought I was the only one who was a "worry wart". =) Um, and I don't know that I have passed it on to our... dog, but he behaves somewhat similarly to me, in this respect. It's a little bit funny.


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