My favorite car wash of all time.

A few years back, I worked for a non-profit based in Reedley, CA- a little town in rural Central CA about 45 minutes from home. It was a bit of a commute- though usually without too bad of traffic- it was more a distance thing than a traffic thing...

Reedley has some unique restaurants and businesses- many family owned and famous within their city- and some famous to nearby cities as well. I'm not sure the Kimo's Car Wash is famous in areas outside of Reedley- but I'm going to do my part to put it on the map!

Kimo's is so great! Here are all of the reasons why I LOVE Kimo's:
1. It has a cute Hawaiian theme going on...different washes have cute tropical names
2. It utilizes the perfect combination of man power and machine power. When you arrive and pull in, actual humans spray your front bumper down with bug dissolver, then they use soft scrubby brushes to give your car a preliminary scrub. THEN the lovely little machine washer, with actual foamy-spaghetti scrubbers and brushes takes over. (Thus, giving you a great wash AND cutting down on the awkward "I'm chilling here texting and listening to tunes, while people scrub the car that I am sitting in" time- yes!!!)
3. It has a giant animatronic gorilla that waves at you and occasionally is dressed as Elvis.

If you are ever in the Reedley area, I encourage you to swing by Kimo's and get a darn good wash! Maybe even hop out for a photo op with the gorilla. I still go whenever my current job brings me near Reedley- best wash around, in my humble opinion :-)

Entering the car wash (note the presence of an actual person and ratio of bug spots to windshield- ugh!)
Bring on the bubbles!Spaghetti-foamy-scrubby-thingies! (Highly technical term) Icing on the cake: Animatronic Gorilla. Wonder if HE is Kimo?

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