My Kind of Product Review

Product: Sunnyside Creamy Churn Style Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Premium Light Ice Cream
Where to Find it: Save Mart Supermarkets
Price: $3.99 regular price
Weight Watcher Friendly? Yes, 3 pts per 1/2 cup serving

Why this ice cream is AWESOME:
The flavor of the ice cream is great- tastes like homemade vanilla ice cream and the ratio of cookie dough gobs to ice cream is very good! My serving (in respect to Weight Watchers) is 1/2 cup, which I usually enjoy as an after dinner snack. Last night, I counted the number of cookie dough gobs in one serving. 20!

I highly recommend you get in your car right. now. Buy this ice cream :-) Make your tummy happy.

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