My phone- it's haunted.

No really, it is. Haunted, possessed, gone plum crazy... that's my phone. It's my work cell. And pretty soon, I'm going plum crazy with it.

It started last night, after I hosted our (first) annual staff "school-year-kick-off/recruitment" potluck "thingy". As I got into my car to leave, I heard a cell phone ring, that sounded like it was coming from in my purse. I say "a" cell phone, because it was not ring that I ever use- it's the default ring that AT&T puts on their phones. I never use it. But, for some reason, last night, my phone was ringing and that was the song it was playing.

When I dug it out of my purse, I discovered that in fact, it was ringing, but there was no incoming call! I quickly scrolled through the sound settings- every single sound that could be set- to see if something had somehow been changed to "AT&T ringtone" but none had. They were all set as they always are (or at least they have been since the first day I set them to my preferences). Throughout the night, the phone continued to "ring" the AT&T song, about every 2-3 minutes. Quieter than it would ring for a typical call, but playing the whole ring song. I soon realized that every time the phone checked for email/data updates- it was playing the song. (Not an action that should trigger any sort of sound)

Well, today, it's still happening. I've tried restarting the phone, removing the battery- replacing it and restarting. AT&T doesn't know what to tell me, and the phone is beyond warranty. (I think they think I'm crazy :-/) and it even does this while the phone is on silent! I have to keep the work phone nearby, at least during work hours- but the song is starting to play in my head, even when it ISN'T playing on the phone.

Agh!! I'm going to lose my mind- and when I do, I will be dancing to the AT&T tune...

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