The REAL Story Behind "Rierpark"

Some of you fellow Fresnans may have noticed that the V from the ginormous River Park letter statues has been missing for a week or so, and there was much speculation as to where the "V" may have gone. However, now that the "V" has safely returned, I feel obligated to share the real story, as I received a letter from the "V" this week. It reads as follows (complete with photos):

Dear Fresno Beehive Followers,
Truth be told, I felt as though I've never fit in amongst my fellow Riverpark letters. They seem quite uppity and snobby to me, and I just couldn't shake the feeling that maybe we weren't of the same family. So, I decided to travel the country in search of my real family. At first, it seemed as though there were only dead ends, and my travels left me feeling rather sad, dejected and broke. At my lowest point, I accepted a gig as an extra on Sesame Street and made a couple benjamins putting on my happy face. Just when I thought I'd hit rock bottom however, a lead from a director at Sesame Street sent me in the right direction, and I was able to meet my long lost twin brother! I guess we're fraternal, and he's an "actor" now but we're going to keep in touch. Having found real family, I felt strong enough to return to my day job, as the Riverpark V. Stop by and visit antime.

(This blog dedicated to Mike Oz)


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