Some random thoughts...

*I wish when someone says "I'll be right back, I have to go pee" that you could just say "go for me too, k?" and you wouldn't have to go anymore. It'd be really convenient.

*I wish cars were intuitive enough that they would verbally remind the driver to get out of the fast lane if there are 27,593,543 cars behind them desperate to go at least the speed limit.

*I have a relative, who shall remain nameless, that often snacks on things while using the restroom. I find this disturbing.

*I'm not a celebrity news junkie- but I am still finding myself quite up in arms about the whole Taylor-Kanye-Beyonce thing today.

*Spider spray is not effective on spiders. Apparently. This is NOT awesome.

*Eventually, if you keep adding water to your hand soap pumps, because you keep forgetting to buy handsoap at the store- you're just washing with pumped water.

*My kid is a genius. Tonight he announced that in fact, "stickers are sticky". Mensa, here he comes.

*Megan Fox may exist to bother wives who are having a "frumpy" day.

*I love rainy days, except they make me said- because it seems like inevitable, they go away too quickly.

*I am really awful at geography. My bro in law is honeymooning in the Dominican Republic right now. My mom asked, "now where is that again exactly?" I couldn't answer. I aced every test in geography. This is proof that short term memorization does nothing for actual learning. Sad. I'm GOOD at short term memorization!


  1. Hahaha, the Megan Fox thing is SO true. Except she exists to bother me every single day, frumpy or not.

    Stupid Justin. lol

  2. Megan Fox annoys Greg. That's why I love him.

  3. Snacking in the bathroom? That really disturbs me!

  4. Can't sleep tonight so am blog hopping....Love your blog...

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