Surviving the Madness of Motherhood: Pt. 1 Pee couch!

Even though I've only been a mom for a little over two years now, I've already experienced a number of moments in motherhood in which my thought process went something along the lines of "Oh CRAP! No one ever talked about how to deal with THIS one!/I didn't read about this in any parenting books!" and I've had to find some quick fix solution to deal with whatever "emergency" had erupted.

I figured, maybe I should blog these quick fixes, so that I can help other moms avoid the panic- by preparing them ahead of time (or providing a "google-able" solution!).

So, I'm going to label these posts Motherhood Madness, and now I will tell you of the problem and solution that occurred today, that prompted this post :-)
Problem: "Mooooooooooommy!" Moooooooooooooooommy!? I went pee on the couch while you were in da shower."

Actual situation: Child is STILL sitting in pee puddle (thus squishing the cushion and allowing it to further soak urine into the foamy inside of the cushion- argh!).

Solution: Briefly panic and think the couch is lost, then do this (by panicking first, the relief at the end is even better, don't you think? haha):
1. Use a dry towel, stack or paper towels or Sham-wow (if you've got em!) and press firmly on the wet spot. Absorb as much liquid as possible. Heck, stand on it if you need to.
2. Get a clean towel and dampen with warm water, then spray several times with OxyClean laundry pre-treater. *Side note: In all of my experience personally, OxiClean laundry spray gets out almost ALL stains and seems to be more effective than Shout or Spray n Wash. This is a personal opinion of course.
3. Press and wipe the spot with the OxyClean towel several times to clean the spot.
4. Get a clean towel, dampen with cool water, and press into cushion to rinse the spot.
5. Use a final clean towel, stack of paper towels, Sham-wow to absorb any excess liquid.

As of now, this process has left me with a seemingly clean, dry, odor-free cushion, despite it having been unfortunately mistake for a toilet earlier.

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  1. they also make a product specifically for this purpose (actually i think its for bed wetting, but similar foamy material) you mix it with water and literally pour it over the urine soaked area. Then you let it dry naturally... which may take a day or so, but it removes the stain and the odor!! Don't asked me how I know this, but it works!!! Good luck Nat!!!


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