Tales from the Toilet Trenches

Once upon a time, a certain mom that you know, took her certain newly-potty-trained son to the childcare at her gym, while she worked out. Upon dropping her son off, she reminded the person in charge of the childcare room that he son was newly potty trained and may need to use the restroom ugrently or be reminded to use the restroom more frequently than older children.

Upon returning to retrieve her child, this certain mother was informed that the childcare staff member did not know how the boy used the toilet, and thought the child's toilet they had was rather tall for him, so instead she instructed him to relieve himself in a trash can. Twice.

And this is the story that I am quite sure will lead to a certain mother finding a certain waste basket in her house full of pee.

The end.

Wastebasket image courtesy of ontimesupplies.com

1 comment:

  1. WTF???? I'd be seriously complaining about that one Nat!!!


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