How to majorly screw up dinner. And the oven.

Step One:
Purchase the ingredients necessary to create a delicious meal for company consisting of lasagna roll ups, broiled garlic white cheddar filone with butter, and garlic green beans.

Step Two:
Put together lasagna rolls and place in oven safe Pyrex glass baking dish.

Step Three:
Put lasagna rolls in the oven at the correct temperature and go about preparing the sides dishes.

Step Four:
Hear horribly loud bang followed by a crash coming from the oven.

Step Five:
Open the oven, with extreme caution (and terror!) and discover:MY FREAKING PYREX EXPLODED!

When dinner preparation requires a SHOP VAC- things are NOT going well.


  1. Crazy! Call Pyrex....I bet they will send you a new one after they see those pics!

  2. Holy cow!!! At least is wasn't your fault :)

  3. My pyrex cake pan did the same thing this weekend. OMG, I thought you could use these in the oven. What is up with that? Glad you're ok.


  4. Pyrex totally needs to reimburse you for that pan (and maybe your dinner ingredients!). Wow! Scary.

  5. Holy crap! I thought Pyrex was meant for baking?! I used them all the time...that's crazy!!

  6. That is crazy!!!!!! I had one shatter once, but it was only because it was hot and I ran cold water over it. I was pretty sure that you were supposed to bake in the hot oven. Strange. So what ended up being for dinner?? =)
    Also--love the NaBloPoMo!!! Thanks for giving the idea!

  7. Wow... seriously, make sure you inform Pyrex about that... that definitely is not supposed to happen!

  8. omg, THAT IS INSANE!! I would totally write & call them and send them on their way to this blog post! wow.

  9. My mom had something similar happen once, when she put a hot casserole dish in the fridge. Apparently glass can't handle temperature shock. Freaked us all out when we heard it explode though! O.o

  10. That must have made you angry that your supper was ruined too!! I had one crack because it was too close to the burner on top of the gas stove, it was a long time ago so I don't remember what it ruined though...but glass shattering around food makes people very nervous!


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