I'm still grossed out.

Tonight, I carefully prepped, chopped, roasted and sauteed until I had created one of my favorite dinners, Pioneer Woman's Pasta with Red Pepper Cream Sauce (I did mine Weight Watcher friendly). I am picky about food, so I always inspect everything super carefully as I am cooking.

If there is a vein or speck of blood on chicken breasts I HAVE to cut it off. If there is a bruise on fruit, I have to cut it out. A speck of peel on a roasted red pepper, I have to remove it. So I know everything I put into the pasta dish was A-ok.

However, something must have happened when I shook the dried parsley on top. I normally use fresh, but I just didn't have any.GOSH I sure wish I HAD had some tonight.

Because THIS is what I ended up chewing on:Yes, I know what you are thinking: "Is that a huge grasshopper leg?" YES. Yes it is. I had to remove it from my mouth on the first bite. A little gnat or something? I'd say "meh, it's protein!" But this thing was like chewing on wood. I'm really struggling not to gag just typing this. It was texture thing.

All I know now, is that I would NEVER do well on Fear Factor.


  1. YUCK!!!!!!!!! That so grosses me out because I always use that dried parsley!! I will definitely be checking it carefully now before sprinkling it on! Glad you are okay! =)

  2. Oh my gosssssh, SO GROSS! I would have been SO freaked out!!!


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