It Ain't Norman Rockwell's Halloween.

This year, our Halloween activities included the following:
1. Visiting a pumpkin patch in nearby rural town, Kerman, CA and taking a hayride.
2. Purchasing a dinosaur costume for Keegan on clearance 60% off at Joann's fabric- where I'd gone with intent to buy items to make a costume. No way I could make a good costume for less than 11 bucks- so the dinosaur costume was a CLEAR winner. Plus, it had a big puffy tail. You can't beat that!
3. On Friday, Keegan was invited to trick or treat at his Daddy's office with all of Daddy's co-workers' tiny tots. Keegan learned the "trick or treat" "thank you" speech pattern very quickly. We probably could have taught him the preamble if we reinforced it with candy, come to think of it...Ahhhh, the sites of Halloween: costumed children, co-workers and copy machines... :-) Non traditional, yet cute.Think you can get a better shot of 7 costumed toddlers hyped up on sugar? Be my guest! 4. Driving from Fresno to Union City for our cousin Noah's 1st birthday/costume party. Keegan pee'd his carseat, and had to wear the "back up pants" which were far too warm for the surprisingly toasty bay area weather- thus eliminating the possibility of also wearing the full dinosaur costume, so my son went uncostumed to the costume party. Hey, at least he wasn't wearing the pee pants ;-)
5. The drive to the party was a about 2 hours and 45 minutes each way, so it was 6pm before we made it back to Fresno. Keegan did NOT nap in the car. At ALL. He did however attempt to pull me INTO his car seat with him "sit closer mommy!" and used his badly-in-need-of-a-trim-nails to make his point clear. Ow.
6. Keegan crashed about .234 seconds after arriving home, and slept through until the next day. There was no trick or treating or costume wearing on Halloween, at all.
7. After Keegan was sleeping, I decided to finally carve my pumpking (mainly because I wanted to roast the seeds and eat them...) and Brandon and I ate take out Chinese and watched the original Scream. Less campy, more scary than I remembered it from my high school days!^^Keegan's pumpkin and my own. Yeah, it's a pumpkin of a pumpkin. Or as Brandon called it, a pumpkin of a bell pepper. Whatever.^^
8. We spent today, November 1st, driving to grandparents' houses trick or treating in broad daylight. (Pictures to come, I was such a winner of a mom, I forgot my camera and have to wait for my father in law to email me his pics).

Tune in tomorrow for the story of "Why a shopvac was needed to prepare dinner for our friends"... oh, and I'm attempting to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and will attempt to blog everyday this month. Fellow bloggers, care to join me?

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