My Christmas Wish List 2009

Ok, time for a totally gratuitous post. It's my Christmas Wish List! Why? Because, it's fun. Is that an ok reason?

1. Necklaces
Cammomile Necklace from Anthropologie
Iced Lait Necklace from Anthropologie
Vintage Crystal Goodness Necklace from Make Pie Not War (turns out the creator is local!)2. Kitchen Stuff
A Dutch Oven Cast Iron/Enamel Pot like this one from (I really like this blue!)
Digital Food Processor- Why? Because I hate cutting carrots and grating cheese.A Wustof Santoku Knife, because if Pioneer Woman can't live without 'em, I don't think I can either. Did I mention I hate cutting carrots? Maybe this would help...Real Simple's Best Recipes Cookbook, Easy Delicious Meals
3. Random Things:
Benefit's One Hot Minute- Because the sales gal swears it's like "photoshop airbrushing for your face, in a can." Ummm- sold.

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