Turkeys before Tanenbaums

Tonight, I had to run into Target to grab three quick things (bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and deodorant, in case you wanted to know) and before I even entered the store, my heart started to race a bit. Not in the usual "Yay! I'm at Target!" kind of way, but in the crap- I'm going to have a panic attack if I don't start breathing normally again kind of way. Why?

Because of snowflakes, that's why!There were hundreds of them. Giant snowflake decals all over the doors. Once inside, there were more. Hanging snowflake clusters, ginormous red, silver and gold ornaments.

Were they pretty? Sure. Did they have that "modern Target commercial feel" yup.

Was I happy to see them? NO.
Seeing the snowflakes made my mind race like this:
"Oh my gosh! It's Christmas time! I LOVE Christmas time!!! Wait, I have to buy lots and lots and lots of gifts and I do NOT have lots and lots and lots of money! How am I going to buy lots and lots of gifts??? The decorations are up. I'm supposed to alREADY be buying lots and lots of gifts! Oh no! I'm behind! I suck! But wait, at least this means Christmas is close.... and I do LOVE Christmas! But wait.... it's only November 4th. Christmas still feels forever away grade school paper-chain wise... awww, now I'm sad again...."

So please, Target, Starbucks, Kohl's, the mall who insists on starting Santa's lap sitting this week... and anyone else who is insisting on thrusting Christmas into my face a solid 50 days before the holiday (did you even wait until Halloween's seat was cold before you moved on in?) PLEASE slow down. If you want to put out the merchandise for those who wish to prepare- please by all means, do that. But do NOT decorate your entire store early- especially in these tough economic times when people are already stressed enough about the basics, not to mention buying gifts. Ease us in. Little snowflakes and ornaments at least. Smaller than my person please.

There, I feel a little better. Phew.


  1. Amen! I started to get stressed yesterday about buying Christmas gifts, and I wasn't even at Target. =)

  2. I'm looking at it this way...I buy a little here and a little there, and SLOWLY get Christmas gifts all month long. Then, when Christmas rolls around, I won't have to drop a bunch of cash all at once.

  3. I just can't stand the commercialization of Christmas. So seeing it happen so early makes me even more annoyed.


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