Christmas Pajamas

I have several friends who have a tradition of giving new pajamas to every member of the family on Christmas Eve night. I think it's a really cute idea, and it's fun to have something to open that night- plus, let's just be honest- my make up free Christmas morning photos are going to need enough retouching as it is, without holey ol' faded pajamas in 'em! :-)

I've been keeping an eye out for cute pj's for us three, but haven't found "THE" pajamas yet. Although, I have found what I don't want...

One piece ginormous footie sleepers like the ones I saw at Target. Now, I LOVE Target. If Target was a man, my husband would have to accept my polygamy-because I would sooooo marry it. (Sorry honey, LOVE you! This is one of the moments I especially don't mind that he doesn't read my blog ;-) BUT what are they thinking trying to pass super long footie pajamas with character feet- YES, CHARACTER FEET as legitimate pajamas for women who do not want to look like the world's biggest doofus in her make-up free Christmas morning photos?

Look, this is the main photo from the Women's Sleepwear page on the website- and whatdya know- the footies are right there in the example photo! And look how seriously the model appears to be wearing them! ^Doesn't the flannel pj'd model look like she's thinking "do you realize how silly you look" about her "friend"?

I'd have been so much more ok with this, had she been striking a comical goofy "I'm a grown up happily wearing kids' pajamas" kind of pose. Think she's wearing pull ups too? hee hee hee (Sorry, that was a cheap shot ;-))

This comments regarding the footie pajamas are meant entirely in jest and are just the product of my mind, laughing at things I see. No disrespect toward nostalgic footy pajama wearing adults nor the model truly intended :-)

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  1. Hehehe...Bobby's getting the blue sock monkey ones for Christmas! He has been wanting some footie pj's for years and when we drew names this year with my family, he said that all he wants is some of those footie jammies from Target. So that's what my mom got him!


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