Free family fun on a Sunday afternoon

This past Sunday, the hubs, rugrat and I enjoyed the break in the rain and spent the afternoon outside together after we got home from church. It was a lot of fun. I even made up what the hubs is now calling the "stupidest game ever". But, truth be told, I think he kind of liked it, it was just too "challenging" for him ;-) I drew circles on the driveway with chalk at varying distances from the bottom of the driveway, and wrote point values inside each one. Then, I tied a couple of washers we had lying around in the garage to a string, and we tried to throw the washers into the circles for points. At some point, when I'd turned my back, the hubs had drawn a hige circle, worth a 1,000 points, that said "for Brandon only" on it. Ha. Ha. Cheater. It was a really fun afternoon, even if the game was stupid ;-)

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