Generational Differences (of schools)

As a kid, growing up in a rural part of our city, attending a rural, but local school district, I found that a lot of the kids I went to school with had parents who my parents had gone to school with (and some who's grandparents had gone to school with my grandparents even!). I know this is not typical, but it was really neat. A lot of my friends became my friends initially because our parents knew each other, and then we built a friendship of our own. This experience made a significantly positive impact on my childhood. It helped me feel a part of a closer knit community.

As a parent, I can't help but feel sad that I am one of the parents to leave that group. That tradition. Because, we have committed a heinous act. We moved.... into the city. Is it really heinous? Heavens no. Is it a lot more convenient? Heck yes! (Do I still often say "I'm going to run into town, do you need something?" to my husband, only to have him remind me, "We LIVE in town" yes, all of the time!) But, it means my kids won't go to school with my childhood friends' kids. And, though I know that is typically reality, it does make me a bit sad and nostalgic, especially when the kiddos play together and seem to enjoy each others' company so much.

How far do you think I could convince the districts to stretch their boundaries based upon nostalgia? Yeah.... I didn't think so either....these kids are SUPPOSED to be on the same school yard together at recess, playing tetherball and competing in spelling bees against each other, and catching gophers in each other's hats.... ;-)

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  1. Adorable family! (LOVE the last post with the edited pics...but ouch to getting head butted!)

    Found you on 20sb and thought I would say hello!


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