Just a few little annoyances from the day

Annoyance One:
I present to you a photo taken in my office building's staff restroom today.
Annoyance Two:
There are currently signs by several critical freeway onramps involved in my weekly commute that read: "This ramp may be close intermittently 1-11-10 through 3-11-10". Now how I ask is this sign of ANY help? So basically, some time in the next two months, I will randomly not be able to get on the freeway during morning traffic and have to drive in traffic out of my way to find one that is not "intermittently closed". BUT, I may just be able to still count on it as usual. It's just a crap shoot, with a sign stating so.

Annoyance Three:
I bought a chicken salad at Carl's Jr. and was pleasantly surprised and an improvement in lettuce quality (not just iceberg anymore, yay!) but unpleasantly surprised by the drastic decrease in "chicken" quality. Yes, I used "chicken" in quotes. And yes, I did it intentionally. I couldn't even eat it. Thanks for the cartilage chunks.


  1. EEEEWWWWWW I stopped at Burger King for a "chicken" sandwich during a roadtrip last week and man am i using those quotes liberally. That was NOT chicken. It was like gelatinous rubber with fake chicken flavoring. SO GROSS.


    Thanks for delurking today :)

  2. that is so funny! found your blog on jo-linda's. glad i did. can't wait to read more of your thoughts! hope you are having a great friday without any annoyance free!

  3. Um. gag.

    I *heart* Peru because you KNOW everything is REAL chicken!


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