Lessons learned on my first trip to Chuck E. Cheese

1. Chuck E. has clones. Or twins. Or siblings. They didn't close the curtain on the robotic Chuck when they brought out live Chuck. I found this confusing.

2. The pizza, have you heard it is bad? It is. It makes convenience store pizza look like California Pizza Kitchen in comparison. Ketchup on bread anyone? (Sorry, but it's the truth.)

3. They say "have a magical day". A lot.

4. The place should be about 10,000 square feet bigger to accommodate the number of sticky handed children and claustrophobic adults amongst all of the animatronic character rides.

5. The kid from Barney, also hangs out on TV's at Chuck's place. She must be a busy kid.

6. Tickets aren't worth what they used to be and the "stop the light" game, is rigged to NOT stop on the light, even if you hit it at the exact moment. 168 tickets bought us a mini sized Pop Rocks pack, a tiny plastic snake and a mini-lollipop.

7. They have a salad bar. I liked that.

8. They had Cherry Coke and Coke Zero. I liked that too.

9. All of the parents look slightly terrified when inside the building.

10. My kid absolutely LOVED the place.
All hopped up on Chuck E. Sugar. ^^
^^"You skipped your pizza and went straight to the cake too???? Bah hah ha ha!"

1 comment:

  1. Boo tickets! 168 tickets used to get something really awesome. Thats lame.


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