Our Christmas Card: Deleted Scenes

Don't you love how once a year we all throw on matching outfits and take a family picture so that we can send out pictures of what we look like to our friends and family, most of whom are already stuck seeing us on a semi-regular basis anyway?

Last year, we had lovely family pictures taken professionally about a month in advance of when cards needed to go out.

This year, I was a little less prepared (and my wallet was a lot more empty) so, a week before Christmas, I barked at the hubby to throw on something red, I threw on something red, and since we'd just gotten home from church, the kiddo already had a red sweater on.

I set our camera on top of Keegan's Fisher Price basketball hoop in the front courtyard and begged the boys to stand somewhere in the vicinity of the front door and wreath and then proceeded to run back and forth to the camera 27 times. Really. 27.

So, without further adieu:
Taking the family Christmas card pictures: Deleted Scenes

Annnnnd we're growling...
Sleepy...Zoning...I'm about to get whacked upside the head...Notice anyone missing guys?
Now everyone is missingGetting headbutted (where is my hazard pay people???)
Who invited my butt and two thighs that look like one? Not I!Holy back rolls- blech!Close to saying, good enoughGood enough! Color that baby up and let's roll.

1 comment:

  1. So cute!!! I love the final product!! I've been there with the running back and forth, but never 27 times! Wow! You are supermom.


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