Thank you!

Yesterday, I was so lucky to receive a blogger award from Amanda over at La Blondie Peruana! Thank you so much Amanda! Now, I get to honor 10 of my favorite bloggers as well!
This particular award comes with the following rules:
*List 10 things that make you happy
*Pass the award on to 10 bloggers that brighten your day

So, here goes!

10 Things that make me happy:
1. When my husband or son tells me they love me.
2. A full night's sleep
3. Coffee, Red Bull and Cherry Coke Zero- the caffeinated trifecta
4. Checking my bank balance online and realizing it's not as dire as I predicted. (Though typically I log in expecting to see zero- that way I'm usually pleasantly surprised! lol I'm a financial optimist wouldn't you say? HA!)
5. Taking pictures
6. Anthropologie and J. Crew Sales, wait, CLEARANCES!- (sorry, I'm a little shallow ok? not all shallow though! ;-))
7. Manhattan Beach
8. Carbs. In excess.
9. Weekends with no official plans
10. Cadbury eggs. Original creme eggs. None of that caramel garbage ;-)

10 bloggers that brighten my day! (Thank you!)
1. Amanda, at La Blondie Peruana- As I'm starting to get to know her through her blog, I'm realizing we are very similar in a lot of ways... I'm enjoying reading about her adventures in Peru! I wish I could send her an oven though...
2. Morgan, at Mrs. Priss- because she can talk baby barf, high fashion and draw herself a unibrow- and write it all for me to enjoy.
3. Sue at Happy Meals and Happy Hour- holy cow, this woman is hillarious! Ever since her Halloween house tour in which fridge mold and cobbwebs were showcased as scary decorations I have loved her.
4. Emily at Not that you Asked- the way she writes about things and describes things- oh man, I laugh out loud, totally alone at my computer. You must read about the day of the pants incident.
5. McMommy at The McMommy Chronicles- she too makes me laugh out loud, at my computer, in solitude. My love for her blog started with this post: Hair Raising Boys
6, 7 and 8. Jen at A Day in the Life, Renee at Life with My Special Ks and Eileen at The Ramos Family Blog- because I love being able to keep up with their growing and wonderful families, even though I live far away.
9 and 10. Andrea from The Heinricy Family and Jolinda at The Garud Family- because they are inspiring and honest about motherhood and I love catching up on photos of their beautiful families.


  1. Congratulations on the award! And thanks for mine. :) You should've said something about how you still love me even though I ditch you in Zumba every week. Because that's true, right? RIGHT? :)

  2. Had a great time talking with you last night!

  3. J.Crew makes me very, very happy, too! :)

  4. Aww thank you!!! Sorry I'm just now getting to this! I'm unburying my inbox! LOL I will get it posted soon! :)


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